About the Author - Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson started Rocksteady Music School in 2007 which has since grown into an award winning organisation that teaches thousands of children every week about playing in a band, working with others, performing on stage and how to have fun playing music. In his first book, Learn To Play The Rocksteady Way, Mark explains why playing music in a band is a great option, how the methodology developed and gives an insight into the world of learning an instrument through the stories of many children Rocksteady has taught over the years. You can learn more at


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About Rocksteady Music School

Rocksteady Music School was started in 2007 and teaches primary school children how to play in their own bands. It has grown to serve thousands of children in hundreds of schools and with an ever growing team of passionate tutors. The philosophy is that children learn better when they’re motivated and having fun, which means:

  • Playing music they choose
  • In a band with their friends
  • Playing concerts to the rest of their school.

We also cut out any unnecessary complexity, (of which there’s a lot in traditional music lessons) and teach children to take responsibility for their part in the band. The wonderful result of this approach is that children love their music lessons and build their confidence, independence, teamwork and problem solving skills from day one. It doesn’t hurt that we’ve also seen a boost in academic results too. To find out more check out rocksteadymusicschool.com